Tax Prep

Well if there two things that are certain in life they are death and taxes. And luckily for you I am an unfortunate soul who has spent years preparing other peoples taxes. Allow me to leverage my expertise and know-how around the tax arena in order to save you precious time and money.

Income Tax Services Including, But Not Limited To:

  1. – 1040 Individual Income Tax Prep
  2. – 1065 Partnership Returns
  3. – Rental Income Property Returns
  4. – 1120-S Corporation Returns
  5. – 1120-C Corporation Returns
  6. – Non profit Tax Returns
  7. – 1040-EZ Individual Tax Returns
  8. – Tax Prepayments
  9. – Income Tax Analysis and Planning
  10. – E-Filing and Paper Filing

Sound Good?

Well then lets get to work! Contact me via the avenues below:

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 208-615-5314