“Why Should I Hire This Guy?”

“Who is this guy and why should I be trusting him with the finances for my business?”, is a question that I am sure you are asking. Well fortunately for you I am not just good looks and a great head of hair. In fact, I have prepared the taxes and bookkeeping for hundreds of clients, just like you.

Anyways, hello, my name is Aric Taylor and I am a Certified Public Accountant living in Meridian, Idaho and as strange as this sounds, I love preparing taxes and doing the nitty, gritty bookkeeping for companies just like yours. As I stated above I have a lot of experience preparing taxes, doing cleanup bookkeeping, adjusting financial accounts, and preparing the odd financial review or financial statement compilation for a myriad of clients through my time in public accounting. Also, I have had my hand in honing my advanced accounting skills in Corporate America, working for a publicly traded company and even a Fortune 500 company. Safe to say, that my brain has been wired to mostly think of accounting at this point (which is good news for you).

At the forefront of this company is the client, helping small business owners achieve “Financial Zen” is the reason that I started this company. The number of businesses, that I have helped with their taxes, bookkeeping and financial statements is immense. And it is with this experience that I want to help your small business, reach it’s financial goals.

In addition to all this you’ll get:

    • Get a 1 on 1 meeting, with me, to make sure we’re setting up the best action plan for you.
  2. Personalized Services
    • Have you ever been on hold, or do you feel like your CPA is dodging you for large corporate clients? Fear no more, my practice is small business focused, ensuring that you are always put first.
  3. “Transaction to IRS, Service”
    • No Accounting experience? No problem. Let me handle literally everything, while you can get back to what actually matters.
  4. QuickBooks Pro Level Service
    • Don’t deal with amateurs, get a pro involved.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in contact with me and let’s get a plan put together.

Telephone: 208-615-5314

Email: [email protected]